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    I enjoy the simple things in life. I try to make just about anything FUN! I'm full of spunk, energy, & have a great sense of humor!!! I love to learn & experience life!!! I have a heart of gold & pretty much wear my emotions on my sleeves...laughing! I love watching movies: comedy, horror/suspense, chick flicks are my favs...pending on the action type that can slide right in as well. I have a dog and cat that I adore besides my cute nephews (4)!!! I try to stay active and busy. I'm always on the go (major workaholic), but definitely know to take time to relax and have fun! Traveling is a must....I've been everywhere in the States, Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe....I'd love to continue my travels with that special person in my life! I love going on nature walks, bike rides, or camping!!!! Something about the outdoors I find peaceful! Quiet evenings, cuddling, and sharing each other's days....would be a great way to finish up a crazy day! I take pride in everything I do....I'm a strong believer in what comes around goes around AND the Golden Rule!!!!!!

    I'm in a new chapter in my life and ready to share it with someone. I need someone to keep up with me...lol! I'm looking for a serious relationship, a lifetime commitment(friends with benefits just isn't me).


    I love to learn...I have a BA in Health Science, Network Technology, & Human Behavior from EMU. I have 3 AAS from WCC one being in Medical Administration. I'm a certified Phlembotimist and a licensed Cosmetologist. I also took courses in automotive and construction...LOL!!!

    MY FAMILY...

    I come from a very strong tight circle of great friends & a big family. I'm the oldest of 3. I have a brother & sister, each having 2 sons that I'm very close to...we definitely keep it lively! LOL. I have wonderful parents who have been married for 40 years!....this is what I'd like for myself, but unfortunately, I had to end a 2 yr marriage of abuse, jealousy, & disrespect! I'm very strong & not one to be in a relationship that is not going anywhere but down hill. Life is way too short for that much drama! Because of the situation I was in, I must say I've learned alot from it, took what I could from it, and moved on!


    With the past relationships I have had and the great men I've met, I know what I'm looking for & what I'm not in a relationship...I ask for little & the little I do ask for is more important to me then the bigger things in life. I'm a very easy person to get along with, I'm liked by everyone, and anyone you ask about me with all their hearts will say nothing but good stuff about me. I am a true person with a big heart. As I would in return, what I'm looking for in a relationship is respect, honesty, trust, common courtesy, unconditional love, someone who appreciates me & can make me happy! I want to be able to have a mature conversation, but know when to joke around, have fun, & laugh. I'm very easy to please & to be around....with that said, one will receive my heart & the world from me.

    Looking forward to meeting ya!
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