If your player don't even write me

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  • Förnamn Andrea
  • Jag skulle beskriva mig själv som If you're a player don't even write me I know the truth I've dated a few already caught them all don't even write me cuz I'll catch you two I don't even know why I'm on here I'm ugly I'm fat I'll never be able to find anybody that's real anyways cuz I found out most guys are only after one thing and that's not respect of a woman are respecting a woman it's down their pants or the only thing they care about is money I'm not rich either I'm on assistance I'm on housing I'm a single mom yes I'm on SSI to I have PTSD I have anxiety doesn't mean I'm crazy because I'm not I have good days and bad days but if I feel you're doing something I don't like I'm going to tell you my kids come first I will never shut my door to my kids and I will never put them last so in the end unless you're real I'm straightforward don't break me yes I do have a sense of humor I'm not perfect I'm not a Barbie I'm not drop dead gorgeous I'm average
  • Stjärntecken Skytten
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  • Min kroppstyp är Medelmåttig
  • Min längd är 162 cm
  • Min etnicitet är Kaukasisk

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