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Év 36 Honnan való? Jacksonville, Florida Elérhető 2 héttel ezelőtt

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Általános adatok Mondjon el többet önmagáról.
  • Keresztnév Lee Lee
  • Leírás I'm just going to give this a try Christian woman only seeking a Christian man only. I have two boys that are respectable teens. I'm hilarious caring,considerate,open-minded,respectful intellectual. I like basketball, anime, zombie movies, anything Syfy, reading, getting my Fitness in line, dancing, singing I'm a soprano.

    The kind of awesome man I'm looking for is someone who will love and embrace me for meeee! He has to be a good role model for my young men that I'm raising and believe in healthy relationships, healed from past relationships, love personal development working on himself... that's it for now let's see where this goes
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  • Magasságom 1.73 m
  • Etnicitásom Afroamerikai

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